Here's your chance to win a prize!
All you have to do is to answer a question.

Be aware of one thing:
You can only answer once. So a person that answer 50 times, doesn't have a greater chance to win.


This time you can win: Music of the Spheres
The question is:

Who is the conductor of this album?

Please send the answer to: kjell@oldfield.no
  with the topic "competition"
Last date to enter: November 10th. 2007

The CD will be sendt directly from amazon.co.uk.
The winner will be contacted directly by me on the 10th, but since I'm at work, I won't be able to update this page until the 14th.

The previous competition: CD Album by your own choice from Amazon!
The question was: Night of The Proms is sponsored by?

The answer was:

And the winner was: Havel Novotný - The Czech Rebublic
Album of choise: Amarok



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